Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rain. Moss. Mildew. Vashon Island Damp.

One of the reasons for moving to Vashon was that we wanted to become more aware of the natural world around us.  We have succeeded in this point, and one of the things I have become more aware of is the rain.

I don't think it rains more on Vashon than it does in Seattle, Tacoma, Federal way etc. Living on the Island though has me much more aware of the rain.Whereas living in Seattle we only had 1 tree and  a grassy back yard and most of the water ended up running down the drains, here on Vashon the rain just settles in.  Things don't dry out as quickly.  To be honest, I find the gloomy rain of the PNW much less gloomy and rainy now that I am more connected to the life and the rain-forest that it creates!

I love the smells of our damp woods. I love the fuzzy moss covered trees.  I think it is funny how mildew grows on everything.  I appreciate how much things are growing and decomposing constantly and so quickly here!

Oh Vashon, You make me so much more aware of my world!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vashon Library

 Something about reading the same children's books again and again and again makes me want to stab my eyes out.  Even if the themes are great it kinda kills me.  Sure, there is the rare book whose lyrical form works for me an I can enjoy it, but generally reading the same story again and again and again and again and again is worse than having to read the word again...again.

So I love that at the King Co. Library their is no limit to the number of books you can check out.  We will often go to the library and get as many books as we can fit into a bag.   They might only get read once for the couple of days that we have them, but I won't be secretly skipping pages so that it ends faster!

I am also a voracious reader, and my partner, as voracious information gatherer.  So we seriously love love love the library.  I will often pick books up from the fiction section and then start reading the jacket flap only to realize I have read that book.  I read a lot of books...

 So anyway the Vashon library is newly remodeled and is great! So much light and a great kids area! Yippee.

Monsters are hidden in the carpet of the kids section.

This is the only time my kids sit in front of a computer. It's great.

 Decor on the ceilings.

Blessed be books!

Doesn't it look cool, modern, and also very PNW...

Oh, there are also places to put all the books your kids pull of the shelves that you can't reshelve because you now have to chase the little bugger.  Thank you Librarians!

I don't know what child sits down and uses a table at the library. But this is cute. Maybe someday I should bring crayons and papers.

Looking around...

Oh, very cool rocking...animals.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Here on Vashon the world has turned green!  The trees without leaves are in the minority of the trees with leaves.  Even though it is pretty much green here year-round there is something totally different about the green leaves and the flowering trees, bushes etc. 

Also, what has changed is that when the sun is out, the sun is warm.  It is so lovely.  

Monday, March 31, 2014

laBoucherie- Vashon Island

We splurged and went to laBoucherie on Moroccan Sausages a couple of weeks ago.
They gave us suggestions on how to cook them.
They were AMAZING!  We did not share them with the children. We selfishly hoarded them.

So flipping good.
If money were no object....this is what I would be doing on Easter:  A farm tour and 9 course meal!

Their website is worth a perusal if you are interested in this restaurant and farm etc.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Washington State Ferry- photos

I am kind of obsessed with taking pictures (choose your preposition) of, around, from the ferry.
It is either because this is a time when I usually have my phone and some free time.

Or, perhaps, it is because their are endless interesting, visually engaging and beautiful things to take pictures of from, on, or around ferry life.

Here are some of my favorites....

I know I might be partial but I do think this is the cutest kid ever (or cutest picture of a cute kid).

Beach walk- Fern Cove

There are days you forget that you live on an island.
Or days that you forget that the benefits of living on an Island is taking a beautiful day that the universe is offering you and going on a low tide walk.
Sometimes that mud is sticky, and if you are 2 years old it can be scary.
But that stream that pours into the water is fun even if cold and even if you are a grown up.

And it makes you want to pick up that perfectly round rock,
or climb over some driftwood.

This is the wonder of a beach walk.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

More on the Commute details...

I got a received several questions about some of the details of our daily commute to/from Vashon by way of the Water Taxi.   I figured I would offer the answers here...

 I'm a bit worried to hear that the 5:30 fills they often turn people away?  

     So it is true that the 5:30pm boat does sometimes fill up, but not often!  Because of that people line up a tad bit earlier, but in general this is now pretty rare.   Just over 2 years ago the Melissa Anne (the name of the PO boat) got approved to take on more passengers which apparently helped significantly. I think that the story that the 5:30pm boat fills up a lot is a leftover from that.  Again, it does happen but not all the time.

     Apparently, there is another boat being built that will hold more people.  . Often I arrive at the line at 5:25 and am fine. In two years time I can count on one hand the number of times I have seen people get turned away.  The 4:30 does sometimes also get filled up, but again not very often.   In fact, that is the one time I have been turned away and granted I was rushing down the pier at 4:29...

     Keep in mind that major events can impact this.  If there is an early Seahawks game on TV people want to get home and watch it- they also want to get out of the city earlier.  Also, my impression is that Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are more commuters to/from Vashon. I think that a lot of Islanders have jobs that have flexible work days- but most people who work in Seattle go in on one of the those days.  I also once heard one of the Water Taxi Workers jokingly say, "I am not sure that anyone who lives on Vashon works on Fridays."

how early folks assemble for the morning ride....any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated!"

People don't line up for the 8:15am boat.  It's a pretty chill affair at 8:15am.  I just get off the bus and walk onto the boat usually.  So there is no early assembly.

The 7:10 and 6:10 are a tad bit different of a story...These boats do not regularly fill up now that the boat capacity is larger, but people line up and wait to get on the boat.  From what I've been told (thanks Stephanie!) you can run down the dock at 7:09am and be just fine...

Any insight or tips would be greatly appreciated

Finally, the most important thing is to go onto the KingCounty Water Taxi Webpage and sign up to get text alerts if anything is weird about the boats.    Thus, if a boat is cancelled, delayed, broken down etc you get an alert beforehand so then you can troubleshoot. You can call work, work from home, catch a ferry, try to drive to work etc.

This is really important! This past winter we had weeks and weeks of cancellations, or delays. These texts saved our sanity.

Life on an Island with boats and water is wild! We had one day where the boat filled up, went to the Island and then the waters were too rough to land, so everyone hauled it back to Seattle....things like that are just part of the flexibility you must have!  Our childcare provider is flexible, we are must retain a sense of welcoming the parts you cannot control.