Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ferry Dock construction.

If you have never lived on an Island you might not be able to imagine just how much your life is impacted by boats.  Consciously or not boats are critical to our lives here.  This week their has been drama over the method of loading the boats on the Fauntleroy side (I have only been reading about it online as I haven't car commuted all week).  It has made some of the buses later than usual.

The good news is that the all the work that has been done on the Vashon North End ferry dock is getting closer and closer to finished.  My guess is there are a few more months left but every couple of days you notice a significant difference that is closer to finishing!

I guess all that means is that whenever I find myself worried about the impending horrible earthquake I can be glad that if I am on the Seattle side...and I survive...and I am uninjured...and I manage to steal a boat to row across the sound THEN the dock will still be standing when I get there.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Episcopal Church Labyrinth

I noticed the signs for the labyrinth when we first moved to the Island. It has been on my list of things to do since then.

Alas today I finally went to the labyrinth, mostly because my kiddos have been begging me to go there.  Their childcare provider has taken them. Like many parents I find the hour or 2 before dinner to be hard when I am at home with the kiddos.  So around 4 o'clock on this sunny May afternoon we headed to the Labyrinth.

Next the the church the labyrinth sits amid a clearing in the forest. At one end are the names of deceased members of the church community on stones and the labyrinth is clearly the highlight.   I have prayed a labyrinth before so with the kids running around I just started.

I lasted about 4 minutes. I would like to blame the kiddos I really would. After all, my 1 year old really wanted to hang out up by the road and my older kids were running amok.  But the truth is my problem is with the width of the path.  The path is so narrow it's like walking on a beam.  Literally you must place one foot in front of one another. I twist my ankles easily so it was no good for me.

I really wanted to like it.  I really did. I wasn't expecting peaceful quiet prayer- I brought my 3 kids after all. But I was hoping to take in a reflective moment, let my kiddos run around, and be intentional about a moment.  I did that.  The problem is that I did that on the bench next to the labyrinth.    It's just too narrow for me (and for most people to be honest).

So alas it isn't for me.  But my prayer life isn't really about movement. I tend to be more about awareness of the sacred around me and also embracing of silence and stillness.    It is located in a lovely area but the noise from the highway makes it not the quietest place on the Island.  To be honest I think that might be one of the selling points- it's away from the chaos but the chaos is close enough to invite reflection.

All in all it is a lovely lovely little prayer space.  I could imagine myself bringing a journal and sitting there for a bit.  I just can't imagine praying the labyrinth there.