Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Rough day to commute

At 6:50 this morning I got a text message from the King County Water taxi.  -Cancelled from the rough wind. All water taxi rides this morning were cancelled.

I took the bus to the ferry, hopped the ferry, got on another bus, and then another bus, and arrive at work quite late.  It threw a wrench in many Islander commutes!

This afternoon, sitting at my desk I get another text message, "the Vashon route of the Water Taxi has been canceled tonight due to weather conditions."  Thank God I am working late anyway!

It has been a rough fall for WT cancellations.  The wind has been bad, the fog has been worse and in general I feel like I am telling my work too often that the boat was late or whatever...I hate that feeling.

This is the life of Island people. Flexibility around the water, reminders that nature is bigger than you are.  It is annoying, no doubt, but I don't have ANY desire to end up in a life jacket floating around Puget Sound waiting for the Coast Guard to rescue me.

My only wish really, is that the Water Taxi would tell us something about how the decision is made.  I found this information, the marine forecast, on the national weather service website: (http://forecast.weather.gov/shmrn.php?mz=pzz135&syn=pzz100)

 300 PM PST TUE DEC 3 2013










My guess is that this forecast is what makes the decision for if the boat goes or not,  with a little bit of hunting on wind conditions in the PNW I also found this

Which makes me think it must be VERY windy on Alki Point in West Seattle.
So there it is. The reason the boat doesn't run...(or is it?)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vashon Trash Pick up during Thanksgiving week 2013

In case this blog comes up in a search you are doing- apparently trash pick up the week of Thanksgiving -is this-

If you usually have pick up on Thursday it is Friday.
If you usually have pick up on Friday it is Saturday.

Follow the link below:


Apparently Murrey's disposal does Vashon trash.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vashon Beach- winter explorations

We are having a cold snap here in the Pacific Northwest.  That means our highs are in the 30's and 40's rather than 40's and 50's.  In some of the low spots in our yard the frost is staying throughout the day.  (I know you who live in actually cold place scoff at this!)  Here in the PNW cold weather often is accompanied with clear weather- and lately that is the case.

Here on Vashon the mountains are out! The water looks blue, and it is all so lovely!  Today, we wanted to go down to the beach! We also wanted to enjoy a bit of the sun!  Except cold weather and the beach can sometimes just chill a person to the bone.

So here's what we did, and here is my suggestion for fun winter beach visit with kids.  We packed up a thermos of cocoa, a jar of mini-marshmallows, 2 apples, and a bag of crackers and 4 mugs in a nice little basket and did some slurping cocoa, beach combing, rock throwing, and duck watching.

I'll admit we weren't there for too long and it wasn't the time of our life, but the sunset was BEAUTIFUL, the cocoa was yummy, and we had some beach time!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vashon/Seattle Commute- The dynamics of commuting with exactly the same people every day

I was at a meeting in September and a professor of cultural studies (or something like that) was telling a story and she said, "...in the Pacific Northwest People show respect by giving you privacy..."

I have often thought of this since then.  It is so true.   The life of someone who commutes on Vashon is that you commute with the same 200 people every day.  I suppose there might be tad more people than that, but generally it's  true. There are many many many faces of Vashon Island people that I recognize because I see them on the bus, boat, ferry, etc. but for the most part I don't talk to them.

When you commute on/off of Vashon to Seattle you have some choices.  Where you sit on the boat, what you do, if you talk etc are all part of the choices you make daily.  There are people on the boat who play cribbage, who talk politics, who discuss their bikes, etc.  There are others who will chat only with a selective friend or so.  And then, there is the large majority of people who are quiet.  Reading, sleeping, playing games on your phone are all acceptable.

Sean and I are the quiet commuters.  We talk to each other and once in a great while we will talk to a friend (but seriously not much).  It is our alone time or our couple time.  I always have a book or magazine in my bag and move on.

Now that we know the faces of those we commute with there is an unspoken recognition that you are a reader or a quite rider.  There are some random people we talk with for a minute...Joke about the weather, or comment about an overheard something or other...that is life with people you see every day. But in general I like the privacy as a way of respect thing.  It works for me.  It works for my commute.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vashon Island Blessings

Blessed Be, ground that almost never freezes.
Blessed Be, my lungs for fresh air every day.

Blessed be, rain.
Blessed be dampness. and mildew
Blessed be, grey and green.

Blessed be a place for warm fires.
Blessed be, abundant seasoned wood.
Blessed be dens life filled forests

Blessed be the quiet and the darkness.
Blessed be the quiet steps of deer, the awkward bark of coyotes.
Blessed be short days and misty mornings.

Blessed be peeking mountains.
Blessed be ferry boats and cargo ships.

Blessed be.
Blessed be.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

First Friday- Art Walk on Vashon

I am not an artist. I don't have a degree in art. I just kinda like it.  There are several art galleries in the downtown alone.  There are "shows" in the hardware store and Snapdragon and other various places that rotate throughout the year.  There is art hanging all over the walls of Vashon Island.  Once a month, all months of the year there is "first friday" where resturants, banks, galleries and a various assundry of other businesses open their doors and share the weath of art from our Island.

Yes, this is quilt!

 The coolest thing is that places you wouldn't normally expect step up for this event.  Place like the PSCCU Credit union opens up, Cafe Luna often has music, or hallways between stores will have exhibits.  I'm not a quilter so I don't know much about the "art of quilting" but the quilting store has some really awesome quilt exhibits. They are seriously mind blowing.

When we lived in Columbia City in Seattle our neighborhood had a first fridays event- we went to it but we never really felt connected.  We didn't see people we knew and didn't know how to fit in.  A lot of things seemed to cost money and it was hard.   So when we started going to this periodically we were delighted that was NOT what first Fridays on Vashon feel like

Frankly it's a pretty great event.  The shops usually have little snacks like crackers and cheese, it's nice to wander and see folks (because it's Vashon we inevitably see someone we know!), and honestly,  If we didn't have young children it would be more fun, get a glass of wine at the Hardware Store and then able together listening to music.  But, even with children it is almost always more fun that I think it will be.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


It's chilly today.  We turned on our furnace on Monday after a chilly night and today a chimney sweep came and cleaned out the chimney (it was in the inspection report that we should get it done before we light it) so we are ready to have some cozy fires.    We have also really been enjoying our chimnea (outdoor fireplace kinda thing).   When we lived in Seattle we didn't have a fireplace, but something about the dampness here in the PNW makes a hot dry fire such a cozy luxury.  In my winters in Massachusetts I wanted a fireplace but here I feel like it is a different sort of need. Especially since the dampness is from September until June.

So anyway, we love our wood-stove and are excited to start using it.  And, even though I don't love the look of a woodstove as much as a fireplace I really like heating our home and getting a fire in one shot.

Last year we used the Vashon listserve (vashon all- yahoo group) to find someone to sell us cordwood. I am sure we will have to buy another cord of wood, but we also have friends who offered us a bunch of seasoned (not in the rain for over 1 year) wood from their place as they have only gas fireplaces.  Needless to say we are kind of excited about that (very cheap) prospect.

What about you? Do you love a woodstove? Fireplace? or Gas fireplace?
Or wait...where do you get your Island cord wood?

Monday, September 30, 2013

6 Reasons NOT to move to Vashon.

I love Vashon. Seriously I  do. I am thrilled we live here, but a lot of people I know have pondered moving to Vashon and more than a couple people we know are really considering a move.  The thing is, this place is not for everyone.  So even though I am all about you moving here there are some reasons to NOT move to Vashon.

1. I think the nature of Vashon is introverted.  Sure there are extroverts here- but communities have personalities and I think this community is an introverted one (PNW in general probably is). This is a place where people stay at home, do there own thing, enjoy families, leave parties early, linger in deep conversations etc.  The social scene here is also legit, don't get me wrong.  But the scene here is NOT socialite.

2.   If you are going to work off Island (and your partner is too), you need to be comfortable with your kids being on an island without you.  For us that means we have an emergency plan and such but for some people having Puget sound between them and their kids is too much.

3.  Ferry Life and Boat life are not everyone's cup of tea. You will spend some time missing ferries, changing last minute plans, reading books on the boat, and excercising while walking laps on the boat.  For Islanders, we learn to love this time- to read, clean our cars, sleep etc.  But this style is not for everyone.

4.  If you crave diversity of choices then the island is a bad place to live.  A handful of resturants, 2 hardware stores, 1 shoe store, 1 bookstore, is quaint and charming for vacation. But, if you are a consumer reports reading comparison shopper. You shouldn't come here.  Sure you COULD live here and comparison shop Seattle, Tacoma or Bremerton- but why?

5. If the rain already gets you down then stay away!  It isn't rainy-er here per se but it feels wetter somehow.  Because it is grassy and mossy and tree covered the Island feels wet even when it ISN'T raining.  When you are in an urban environment the asphalt and concrete dries faster.  So if the rain makes you enjoy being at home and get all cozy and warm then go for it- otherwise stick to your drier environment.

6. Just straight up, there are a lot more 50+ and young families on the island than in most other places.  So if you are 20 years old and looking for a vibrant hook up scene or clubbing culture or even partnership, I would not recommend Vashon as the best location to do that hunting.

7. The ethnic diversity here is...um...lacking. You will have to go off island for that (or import it).

Friday, September 27, 2013

To Vashon or not?

I spoke at an event in Tacoma last weekend, we ended up sitting at a table with a woman who has lived in Tacoma for 16 years and She has never been to Vashon.

Is that weird


It is to me, as we are kind of "weekend day trip" people.
But, seriously do you think that is weird or no?

Friday, September 20, 2013

Vashon-West Seattle/Fauntleroy and Vashon-Downtown Seattle

So I feel like non- Islanders just don't quite get how transit on and off the Island works here. SO here's how it goes.

Washington State Ferry

The primary way that people get on and off Vashon Island is through the Washington State Ferries. These ferries, operated by the State are for: walk on passengers, automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and leashed pets (though they are only allowed on the car deck.  They run very frequently and wait is not usually very long (the pattern during the day seems to be 20min.20min.40min).  There are Washington State Ferry docks at the North End of Vashon Island and at the South End of Vashon Island (Talequah-Pt. Defiance/Tacoma). For this post I will only discuss the north end transit options as those are the ones in and out of Seattle.

Every once in awhile there are quirks with the ferries.  Sometimes a boat is broken or enough crew members are sick that the boats don't run as frequently. Then they revert to a two boat schedule.  This has only happened a handful of times this year.  One was Christmas Eve, we waited for hours and hours! It also happened Sept. 7- I only remember the date because we had a housewarming party at the time.  I know there were a couple of others but it wasn't that relevant to us.

The Washington State Ferry from the North End of Vashon goes to a road in Seattle called Fauntleroy which is in the West Seattle Neighborhood- in fact I think that the neighborhood is actually called Fauntleroy as well.  This is key to know!  Fauntleroy is West Seattle!  West Seattle, depending on the time of day is at least 20 minutes from downtown and at rush hour can be over an hour in your own car.

You can also take the bus- the red line- too and from downtown Seattle the the ferry dock. That take awhile but it very convenient, as it drops off in the heart of the city.  There are a couple of other buses that run from downtown to Vashon, I have only ever taken the 116 from downtown and it drops off right at the dock as well.

You do NOT have to pay to leave the Island on the Washington State Ferry.  Because it is pretty much the only way on and off the Island they just double charge when you go TO the island.  The fees can be hefty to get to the Island. As Islanders we buy a 10 ride pass and it is a bit cheaper. It is definitely part of the cost of living though.  To just walk on to Vashon Island it is about 5 bucks for an adult. Oh, little kids ride free too. That's handy!

Water Taxi

There is another option to get to Downtown, which is what I take almost daily. This is called the King County Water Taxi.  The water taxi is a passenger only (and bikes too) boat. It is sometimes called the P.O. This hold about 150 people and departs Vashon/Seattle 3 times in the morning and 3 times in the evening.  It takes passengers from Vashon to right downtown. Many people who ride it work downtown or others like me hop a quick bus to nearby locations. The 5:30pm boat sometimes fills and they have to send people away. I'm sure it happens other times as well but my instinct is that is the most frequent boat to fill.

In evening you line up along the dock and then board accordingly.  Almost everyone has an Orca card to board the boat- but both docks in Seattle and on Vashon allow you to purchase a pass or you can pay cash as you board.  Many people take bikes on this boat. They are the last to unload at the arriving dock.  Buses on Vashon drop people off in the AM about 10 minutes before the PO leaves and pick up the evening as well.  Frankly it is hella convenient.  The ride on the PO boat is just over 20 minutes to downtown- assuming the weather is normal and such!

The problem with the PO at this point is that it breaks down with some frequency. They are building a new one that is bigger- but at this point it runs like a used car.  Kinda reliable, mostly reliable, but a bit wonky at times.

Parking on Vashon
So on another note is parking on Vashon. There is a short term and a long term (two weeks) parking lot that are a short walk (up/down hill) from the ferry. It is max a 10 minute walk.  Because we now take the bus we don't utilize this anymore, but last year we were driving every morning and there was always parking.  We have also parked our car in the long term for a week or so while on a trip.  Pretty handy I must say!

All in all, it works out smoothly more than not!
Are there other things I should address? Seems like you, reader, probably know the questions you have!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Moving to Vashon- and shifting friends.

Vashon is not far from Seattle, but people often ask us how changing locations has changed our friendships. So moving from Seattle (after living there for 4 years) to Vashon has shifted things. Here is how.

  • It is now the topic of a lot of bullshitting.

Acquaintances ALWAYS ask us about Vashon. They don't care, as far as I  can really tell, but it's like the topic that passes. It's really really annoying.  "So Vashon huh. You guys really like it?" or "Vashon. So are you guys going to stay."  WTF.  It never occurs to me to ask that question when someone moves to Seattle, but I guess moving to an Island is more baffling?!

  • Some people simply will not visit us.

We have lost some friends in this move.  Sadly, there are people who simple never leave Seattle, these people are NOT coming to Vashon. Not even if they walk on the ferry and we pick them up. Not even if they could morph here. It just isn't happening for them.

  • Visitors are now better visits.

We have solidified friends in this move, the people who visit us now do so for more than an hour- for 4 or 6 hours! That's some real time.  And, since we are a family that deeply values quality conversation over frequency it works for us.  It also allows us to be our introverted selves without needing excuses.  We simply aren't going to socialize every weekend. On Vashon, people don't expect it.

  • And of course we just have new friends.

Of course we have made friends here too! When you have kids you have friend magnets.  So meeting people here has been pretty easy. Remarkably easy (for us) in fact.  I mean, when we lived in Seattle I year we had only 1 real friend (Junia was born when we had been there a year and only 1 person brought food).  We have lived on Vashon now for a year and have a handful (who would bring us food ,for example, if we had a baby).

So that's that. It isn't exactly like switching neighborhoods in Seattle (which strangely a LOT of Seattlelites never leave their neighborhoods either) but moving to Vashon has shifted things, for better and for worse.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vashon Orientation

I've been thinking about how each household on Vashon has a kind of orientation to where their island imagination directs them.  We, for example, have a Seattle orientation.  We work in Seattle. We go to Seattle often enough to do some of our shopping there. We are VERY familiar with Seattle and feel at home there.

But some Islanders are Tacoma oriented.  Probably for the same reasons we are Seattle Oriented these households work there, or do extraneous shopping there and I'm guessing are more likely to live on the South end of the Island.

Some are Kitsap oriented.  It didn't occur to me until we were driving through much of Kitsap County, but because so much of Kitsap is accessible by the Southworth Ferry there must be a contingent of people who work over there, have family there etc.

Others are Island oriented.  Of course you CAN do all your shopping on Island and have all of your need here. You might even have family here (what a bonus).  So for many Islanders their lives are here.  They might be lucky enough to work on Island or be retired. I am guessing that vacationers and those who have cabins on the island are "Island oriented" while on Island.

So, I know this isn't a revelation kind of post.
But how are you oriented?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Creative Preschool Vashon

The preschool gathering for the Strawberry Festival Parade!
When we moved here we had to give up a co-op preschool that we had committed to in Seattle. We weren't in love with it but it was the ONLY thing we could afford.

Then when we came Vashon and googled the preschools on  the Island we were shocked at how much cheaper they were! It was thrilling!  So we called one. It was full. Then I called another, they had space. Yipee!

 I went and looked at it. It looked great.  I seriously was NOT being picky, it was August 30 after all.  Anyway, by chance or providence or luck we have scored a great place for Junia- and in the future Miriam!

The teachers, environment, playground, parent dynamic and even this history have made this a great place for us.  Tucked in the the basement of the Presbyterian Church in Vashon town it looks like a place where children play.  The playground is great and even though the kids worked all spring digging a hole NEXT too the sandbox instead of in the sandbox nobody minded!  I dropped Junia off one morning and "Dona Nobis Pacem" was playing.  I thought, "wow, I want to stay."

At the end of the day though what is so great is that my little shy introvert LOVES her school. She still takes awhile to warm up and she still gets nervous when I leave but her teachers know her! They don't force her, or push her they just let the person that she is be exactly the person who she is! That is not just cool but it is beautiful to see my child in a place where she can be exactly who she is and people get her!

So that's it.
I seriously love Creative Preschool. Or as Islanders call it: Creative.
(drop the preschool)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So we bought a house on Vashon.

So we bought a house on this lovely plot of earth.  Yup, we own a piece of Vashon Island.  Or at least the deed is in our names...lets be honest though...the bank owns it. But enough with that.  We move in a couple of days and we are learning a couple of the perks of some of this Island.

1. The John L. Scott moving van.  Our realtor was a John L. Scott realtor (and she was great for us!) and courtesy of buying through them we get a moving van- for free. That is some serious benefits don't you think!? I actually think several realtors on the Island do that.

2. Vashon-All listerve through Yahoo groups. This is where we are hiring a couple of strong people who need money to move our furniture.  Now I can't really say if it is good or bad because it hasn't happened yet- but this listerve is a lifeline on this beloved little Island.

3. Boxes. I have been keeping an eye out for boxes on recycling weeks. And since we have lots of books (like 3 or 4 bookshelves full), we need good boxes.  The Palouse Winery on Vashon has awesome awesome boxes. I figure- if it held 12 bottles of wine it can hold more Theological Treatises (the topic of too many of our books) than not!

4. I don't know if there are other perks so buying on Vashon, except that it is cheaper than Seattle (but more expensive than Kitsap.  But seriously. We own a piece of an Island. That is weird.

Friday, August 2, 2013

King County Executive goodspaceguy.

Voting day is nearly upon us and there are 4 men running for King County Executive.

Seriously check this guy out!
His name isn't even on the voters guide!

This is so the PNW!!!!


Oh, and here is his blog.

This cracks me up!

Vashon Country Club- Swimming lessons!

Our almost 4 year old just finished a 2 week session of swimming lessons at the country club.  For $80 it was well worth the money.  Our little water bug is  FINALLY learning to swim.

Here's what I really like about the swimming lessons at the country club:  

  • They have wide, long stairs for kids to stand on during lessons.  They aren't literally in over their heads.Thus, when the teaches is with another kid they can practice "swimming" on the steps.
  • The classes are small! -Two kids!
  • The teacher we have had is really good!
  • The water is warm.  I think my kid is warmer in the pool than out of it. When summers are as cool and unpredictable as Vashon summers then having a heated pool is nice for the kiddos!
  • I have been able to get in with our 1 year old during the lessons. We have just been hanging out on the top step but it has been easier to entertain her during the lessons than I feared.

Here's what I don't like:
  • We signed up for a time between 9-11am. We found out what particular time we would have lessons at the DAY BEFORE.  That sucks. 
  • There is this one family on Vashon that was see on the water taxi and have a kid a similar age as ours. Several times we have tried to start a conversation. They will not look at us, acknowledge us or anything. I don't know what is going on, but one of the people in this family has been in the lesson before us.  It's just weird now!
But anyway, we like it so much we signed up for another session. She is learning so much! Having a lot of fun! Its seems like a great way to get her swimming safely!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Vashon Strawberry Festival 2013

We went to the Strawberry Festival several times over the course of the weekend.

 We went on Friday evening while the booths were still being set up.  Though there were no booths we mostly just went to ride some rides.  Though I think the rides were pretty lame I can't help but wonder if this is just what happens when you are an adult.  Carnival rides just aren't as cool as your memory captures.   Nonetheless, J had a great time! The beer garden was open, the music was great, and the locals were out!  For the several hours on Friday there were familiar faces everywhere!

Before the parade we went to the Kiwanis Pancake breakfast! The pancakes were good, the community was awesome. People were chatty.  Seriously it was a lovely little small town event.

We walked in the Children's Parade with Creative Preschool. (we love J's preschool!).  Then after we walked we stopped at the end of the route and watched the rest of the parade.  It was fun! Very fun.  Actually walking in the parade gave us a good sense of everything that was going on.

After the parade we had hoped to peruse the booths and stuff.  But it was so so so crowded.  Lesson learned! We won't do that again.

Later that evening we went back with some guests who had arrived and walked around and J rode some more rides.  It was fun.

Finally, on Saturday night S and I went up to the music in the streets. It was fun to walk the streets at night, to dance in the street, and to enjoy.  It is such an intimate thing with one's town to dance in the streets.  The relationship with place changes when you have used it as a dancefloor!

All in all, this festival only contributes to our love for this Island. We had fun!  And it was just enough for our family!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Strawberry Festival! 2013

The strawberry festival is this weekend and the Island is pumped.  It's the talk of the water taxi, the ferry, even the Island AM emergency broadcast system has warnings about the ferry schedule and road closures!

We couldn't have much of an event this year- but next year- and subsequent years- we hope to invite people to come over and camp in our yard and enjoy the festivities with us! We want to turn it into a holiday for our family. We shall see....

Anyway, this is our  first festival as Islanders. We came out last year and that was when we officially decided to move here, or rather, that was when we hurried the process.  We are excited to walk in the parade with J's preschool and to ride some rides, eat some carnival food, and in general enjoy the Island community.

If you are looking for information on the strawberry festival the best place to get it is from the Beachcomber insert (Beachcomber is the Island newspaper).  The newspapers are sold all around town-  but also on the ferries and at the end of the North-End pier.  Here is good online information from the Vashon Chamber of Commerce. Here are some reviews on Yelp.

There is an awesome line up of events, music, food, parade and some fun stuff. Oh, and we gotta remember to bring our canned goods- cheaper tickets for rides apparently!

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vashon's Thrift store: Granny's Attic

The Vashon thriftstore, aka Granny's, is open three days a week.  It's a charitable organization so all the profit they make goes to various (I think now) non-profits on the Island.  Cool deal!  We have, at all times, a box of stuff to go to Granny's that is slowly filling. When it gets full I drop it off (drop off is 7 days a week).

I bought all of Miriam's birthday presents there.
We bought an adorable dollhouse there and then remodeled it.
We have purchased dishes, some jewelry etc.
The great thing about Granny's is that almost everything there is super super cheap.

Today I went there to drop stuff off and it was right after 10, when it opens, and it was crazy. People were parked way back in overflow parking, the line was super long, and frankly it was a mad house.  It wasn't unfriendly but it was nuts.

On one hand I sort of get the frantic-ness of Granny's. Stuff is cheap, there aren't more of whatever you are getting, some things area  real "steal." On the other hand it feels to me like a cycle, sure I'll buy this now but eventually it'll make it's way back to here.

I think the best way to shop this place is to go in with a general "idea" of what you want.  Things like, "kids toys for the airplane, or  if you have a specific like a new coffee table that's great but not "urgent"

Anyway, here are some photos of a couple of things we've gotten at Granny's.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Should you move to Vashon...

I have become facebook connected through a mutual friend to a family that is moving to Seattle.  They are considering a move to Vashon.  He asked me a general "thoughts on moving to Vashon..." question. Here's my answer...
"So should you live here or not? That I cannot say. Here's the advice I usually give people- Come and stay here for a week or two and then decide. Last year after my youngest daughter was born my Sister came and stayed with us- we were living in Seattle at the time- anyway we stayed on Vashon for 7 days. Sean commuted, and through that we decided we could do it- I also grew up in a small town and though I love Seattle I was overwhelmed with how to raise a child in a city. We were living in a great albeit rough neighborhood and I simply was overwhelmed by negotiating relationships between race, class, drug dealers, neighbors etc. It didn't feel good. That, and we were entering the land of preschools and schools and the chaos of that- and we wanted the simply life- we didn't want to buy into the BS that goes with that and the copious amounts of decisions that await us at every turn...so quite frankly we chose something simpler. Fewer schools, 1 option to get off the Island, 2 grocery stores, etc. We just chose the simple life.  At times the "waiting for the ferry life" or the "slightly more expensive groceries life" or the "people know your business life." but that is also "simple".
The commute?  I love it. It is hard in the winter- don't get me wrong. And, we live on the north end so once we get to the ferry we are pretty much home. Phew. But my partner and  I also commute together some days which I love. For me, the morning time is my prayer, reflection, quiet time. Being on the water every day is such a gift. I seriously love love love it. My 3 year old is a beach comber- hunting for sea anemones and starfish, the is into barnacles, and seaweed---she knows many different types. That is awesome. She is also a shy kid- an introvert like both of us- and we feel like her withdrawn nature is not as strong as it is in Seattle with all the people and buildings- on Vashon she knows where she is!
So those are my thoughts= all jumbled together. But here I what I offer- when you get here- if you don't land on Vashon we are ready to have you over! Please hop the ferry we would love to welcome you, talk about the Island.  .  .