Monday, December 31, 2012

Fair Isle Vets...

Our poor Maggie-dog got hit by a car.
Yes, she was chasing deer.

I let her out and she took off.
I couldn't chase her, suprising the infant and toddler left me unable to do so.
So I just let her, assuming she would return.

She got as far as a neighbor when I saw her limping.
I carried her home.
She wasn't bloody but just not moving hardly at all.

The next day they took her to the vet.
And, they were so so good to us.
No shaming, trying the cheapest simplest thing first.
Good caring for Maggie and then being so kind when I kept having to haul the kids and the dog into the office.

Maggie is not totally better.
And, she is currently at the spa (Nana and Pop's house).
But I feel really good about the care these folks provided.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vashon Laundromat

In spite of my total charm of this island, I have found the underbelly.

The laundromat.
Half the machines broken.
The change machine broken.

The whole thing is bad...and I'm not talking Island rustic charm just a crappy place to (kinda) do your laundry.

And the bars on the windows. Seriously! Seriously?