Sunday, October 30, 2016

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Rock: Vashon's 80s throwback

I don't quite recall the first time we went to the rock but it was probably raining. We were probably desperate for a meal.  It was probably unplanned. I don't think we ever plan on eating at the rock. It just happens.

But the thing is, we go back. Good beer. Good pizza, Good salad, Chill ambiance. Kid friendly enough.  We are there. The pizza has a thickish crust, lots of sauce and cheese, nothing especially frou frou about it.  Just pizza.  We tend to get sausage.

The salad is an assortment of things: bacon, nuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives and cheese with lettuce and really good dressing.  Again it's not froofy but it is good!

The beer: Irish death stout, Mac n' Jacks, a couple of other localish things, usually and IPA. Solid. Beer selection without being pretentious.

We really really enjoy this Island pizza establishment.  (the other one I have nothing good to say about it.) On an Island full of foodies and locavores and free range people and animals I appreciate how middle America this feels. It's good. It's not fussy.  Oh, and they hang the extra chairs on the ceiling.

And, in regards to kid friendly-ness. We have never even gotten a snarky look for leaving a mess.  Their is a tiny arcade where you can unload $4 in quarters.  There you have it!