Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vashon Orientation

I've been thinking about how each household on Vashon has a kind of orientation to where their island imagination directs them.  We, for example, have a Seattle orientation.  We work in Seattle. We go to Seattle often enough to do some of our shopping there. We are VERY familiar with Seattle and feel at home there.

But some Islanders are Tacoma oriented.  Probably for the same reasons we are Seattle Oriented these households work there, or do extraneous shopping there and I'm guessing are more likely to live on the South end of the Island.

Some are Kitsap oriented.  It didn't occur to me until we were driving through much of Kitsap County, but because so much of Kitsap is accessible by the Southworth Ferry there must be a contingent of people who work over there, have family there etc.

Others are Island oriented.  Of course you CAN do all your shopping on Island and have all of your need here. You might even have family here (what a bonus).  So for many Islanders their lives are here.  They might be lucky enough to work on Island or be retired. I am guessing that vacationers and those who have cabins on the island are "Island oriented" while on Island.

So, I know this isn't a revelation kind of post.
But how are you oriented?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Creative Preschool Vashon

The preschool gathering for the Strawberry Festival Parade!
When we moved here we had to give up a co-op preschool that we had committed to in Seattle. We weren't in love with it but it was the ONLY thing we could afford.

Then when we came Vashon and googled the preschools on  the Island we were shocked at how much cheaper they were! It was thrilling!  So we called one. It was full. Then I called another, they had space. Yipee!

 I went and looked at it. It looked great.  I seriously was NOT being picky, it was August 30 after all.  Anyway, by chance or providence or luck we have scored a great place for Junia- and in the future Miriam!

The teachers, environment, playground, parent dynamic and even this history have made this a great place for us.  Tucked in the the basement of the Presbyterian Church in Vashon town it looks like a place where children play.  The playground is great and even though the kids worked all spring digging a hole NEXT too the sandbox instead of in the sandbox nobody minded!  I dropped Junia off one morning and "Dona Nobis Pacem" was playing.  I thought, "wow, I want to stay."

At the end of the day though what is so great is that my little shy introvert LOVES her school. She still takes awhile to warm up and she still gets nervous when I leave but her teachers know her! They don't force her, or push her they just let the person that she is be exactly the person who she is! That is not just cool but it is beautiful to see my child in a place where she can be exactly who she is and people get her!

So that's it.
I seriously love Creative Preschool. Or as Islanders call it: Creative.
(drop the preschool)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So we bought a house on Vashon.

So we bought a house on this lovely plot of earth.  Yup, we own a piece of Vashon Island.  Or at least the deed is in our names...lets be honest though...the bank owns it. But enough with that.  We move in a couple of days and we are learning a couple of the perks of some of this Island.

1. The John L. Scott moving van.  Our realtor was a John L. Scott realtor (and she was great for us!) and courtesy of buying through them we get a moving van- for free. That is some serious benefits don't you think!? I actually think several realtors on the Island do that.

2. Vashon-All listerve through Yahoo groups. This is where we are hiring a couple of strong people who need money to move our furniture.  Now I can't really say if it is good or bad because it hasn't happened yet- but this listerve is a lifeline on this beloved little Island.

3. Boxes. I have been keeping an eye out for boxes on recycling weeks. And since we have lots of books (like 3 or 4 bookshelves full), we need good boxes.  The Palouse Winery on Vashon has awesome awesome boxes. I figure- if it held 12 bottles of wine it can hold more Theological Treatises (the topic of too many of our books) than not!

4. I don't know if there are other perks so buying on Vashon, except that it is cheaper than Seattle (but more expensive than Kitsap.  But seriously. We own a piece of an Island. That is weird.

Friday, August 2, 2013

King County Executive goodspaceguy.

Voting day is nearly upon us and there are 4 men running for King County Executive.

Seriously check this guy out!
His name isn't even on the voters guide!

This is so the PNW!!!!

Oh, and here is his blog.

This cracks me up!

Vashon Country Club- Swimming lessons!

Our almost 4 year old just finished a 2 week session of swimming lessons at the country club.  For $80 it was well worth the money.  Our little water bug is  FINALLY learning to swim.

Here's what I really like about the swimming lessons at the country club:  

  • They have wide, long stairs for kids to stand on during lessons.  They aren't literally in over their heads.Thus, when the teaches is with another kid they can practice "swimming" on the steps.
  • The classes are small! -Two kids!
  • The teacher we have had is really good!
  • The water is warm.  I think my kid is warmer in the pool than out of it. When summers are as cool and unpredictable as Vashon summers then having a heated pool is nice for the kiddos!
  • I have been able to get in with our 1 year old during the lessons. We have just been hanging out on the top step but it has been easier to entertain her during the lessons than I feared.

Here's what I don't like:
  • We signed up for a time between 9-11am. We found out what particular time we would have lessons at the DAY BEFORE.  That sucks. 
  • There is this one family on Vashon that was see on the water taxi and have a kid a similar age as ours. Several times we have tried to start a conversation. They will not look at us, acknowledge us or anything. I don't know what is going on, but one of the people in this family has been in the lesson before us.  It's just weird now!
But anyway, we like it so much we signed up for another session. She is learning so much! Having a lot of fun! Its seems like a great way to get her swimming safely!