Friday, January 10, 2014

Working on Island- the places to sit with your laptop on Vashon

This is not about getting a job on Vashon.  This is not about employment on Vashon.  Very simply this post contains tips for Islanders or Island visitors who need to get out of the house and sit in front of a computer and get some work done, or writing, or studying.

Here are my favorite places:

1. Cafe Luna

Why? lots of tables that are small, lots of outlets to plug the computer in (a computer with a low battery is a pet peeve of mine), great coffee, good lunch, fast wifi

Why not? It can be busy and loud.

2. Snapdragon

Why? Lots of tables that are small, cheap espresso, really good pastries and food, fireplace, their lounge chairs are comfortable

Why not? There is only one outlet in the entire place, the wireless has been finicky on me, again can be busy and loud

3. Library

Why? Good wifi, Quiet, large tables to spread out in.  Enough outlets, you don't have to pay to be there

Why not? No food, I actually find books very distracting as a lover of books a library is a dangerous place for me

4. Hardware Store

Why? Wifi, the right time of day (weekday mornings) you can spread out, meals, alcohol (nothing makes work better like a glass of red wine). Personally, I have never worked at the Hardware store, but my father-in-law has during several of his visits.

Why not? Do you really want wait-staff as you do your work? Being their during a busy time is just rude.

5. Vashon Island Roasterie

Why? No wifi- sometimes we don't really need the internet, great coffee, if people don't know you they probably won't talk to you

Why not? No wifi, not much seating with tables, and really I don't think this place wants people there working on their computers. It's just not the vibe.

So were are the places on Island where you go when you need to get work done out of the house?

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