Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rain. Moss. Mildew. Vashon Island Damp.

One of the reasons for moving to Vashon was that we wanted to become more aware of the natural world around us.  We have succeeded in this point, and one of the things I have become more aware of is the rain.

I don't think it rains more on Vashon than it does in Seattle, Tacoma, Federal way etc. Living on the Island though has me much more aware of the rain.Whereas living in Seattle we only had 1 tree and  a grassy back yard and most of the water ended up running down the drains, here on Vashon the rain just settles in.  Things don't dry out as quickly.  To be honest, I find the gloomy rain of the PNW much less gloomy and rainy now that I am more connected to the life and the rain-forest that it creates!

I love the smells of our damp woods. I love the fuzzy moss covered trees.  I think it is funny how mildew grows on everything.  I appreciate how much things are growing and decomposing constantly and so quickly here!

Oh Vashon, You make me so much more aware of my world!

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