Sunday, May 4, 2014

Vashon Island: Customer service.

We needed to order some topsoil/compost for our new raised beds.  So with recommendations from an Island friend S called Mr. X.  S played phone tag with this someone for many, many, many voicemails.

It was so frustrating.  We called another topsoil/compost person and were told, "Oh no you gottta call John Doe." No number provided.  Just call him. Hmmm.

So then finally Mr. X and S leave a series of helpful voicemails.

"Oh hi...blah blah blah. . . We need a trillion square feet of soil."

"Oh hi...blah blah blah...That will be more money than you want to pay." (this is an island after all)

"Ummm how about only a million."

"Um okay. That will be 245.34"

"Um since you don't ever answer your phone and i don't ever answer mine. We will leave the check taped to the front door please drop it off anytime this week."

"Okay. I'll bring the soil on Friday afternoon."

Friday morning, while at the grocery store, the dirt guy arrives. Finds us not home because I think that afternoon must meet AFTER noon.  Hey drops it off. Grabs the check and leaves a reciept.

I call and leave a grateful message.

Seriously though, we did an entire interaction with this business person without speaking, without meeting, without actually connecting.  It kind of sucked.  It was a classic Vashon business encounter where it seemed like the person wasn't actually interested in selling us anything.  I guess few competitors sometimes takes the steam out of a business.

But alas. We kept at it (or S did!) and we have some beautiful soil in our raised beds now!

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