Sunday, November 30, 2014

Augies U-Pick

So for the second year we went and got a Christmas tree on one of the coldest days we could find.
Apparently this is fast becoming our tradition.  Last year I believe it went fine but I think I yelled, "Just choose a fucking tree."  So yeah, I'm that parent sometimes...

Yesterday, at 4:30 we went looking for a Christmas tree on Vashon.  We figured we would just go for an already cut one.  Being 8 months pregnant I am not going to lay on the ground and cut it. After all, I might never get up otherwise.  And, bending over with a saw would be a great way to get me to pass out.

My partner wasn't especially enthused about cutting one down, but as I think he secretly likes really fresh trees, we ended up at Augies U-Cut just off of Bank road.  The place is a bit shabby, and there are no signs indicating what the heck you are supposed to do.  Last year we went there and I felt like and idiot the whole time.

This time someone greeted us warmly and asked if we needed a saw.  As I wrangled the kids into their coats she came back with a saw and we asked about the prices.

$20 for douglas firs.
$40 for everything else.  Even if you want a giant one.

We didn't go far into the farm.  There is, after all a large loop and lots of trees, but the kiddos were cold about 30 seconds into the venture and I know from experience that Sean and I have different taste in Christmas trees!  This was his year to choose!  So I was trying to be interested but also quick!

So we made a quick choice.   My Mister cut the tree town (I did hold it so the saw didn't get smashed under the weight of it- see I was helpful), and then we walked it back to the car.  We had an hilarious mishap on I-405 a couple of years ago with our tree flying we are happy to stay on the Island and toss the beast into the back of the car.

Finally, we bought a $20 wreath.  After, all we went for the douglas fir so we figured we could splurge!  All in all it was a very easy interaction.

This is no the place you go if you want horses and sleigh rides or hot cocoa or fake charm.  There was no Christmas music being streamed, and no one wearing a Santa hat.  There were some men working on putting siding on a shed who were wearing overalls- but that wasn't for show.    This place feels real.  It feels like a small seasonal business.  It feels like a great stop for a trip to Vashon that should then include a trip to a coffee shop, a pastry, and a couple pop in to some local stores.  For locals Augie's U-pick was easy for us.

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  1. Hilarious, informative and enough advertorial that our family will venture out tomorrow to attempt the same.

    Thanks for a great blog post, I'll let you know how it goes.