Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ferry Dock construction.

If you have never lived on an Island you might not be able to imagine just how much your life is impacted by boats.  Consciously or not boats are critical to our lives here.  This week their has been drama over the method of loading the boats on the Fauntleroy side (I have only been reading about it online as I haven't car commuted all week).  It has made some of the buses later than usual.

The good news is that the all the work that has been done on the Vashon North End ferry dock is getting closer and closer to finished.  My guess is there are a few more months left but every couple of days you notice a significant difference that is closer to finishing!

I guess all that means is that whenever I find myself worried about the impending horrible earthquake I can be glad that if I am on the Seattle side...and I survive...and I am uninjured...and I manage to steal a boat to row across the sound THEN the dock will still be standing when I get there.

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