Monday, July 8, 2013

Should you move to Vashon...

I have become facebook connected through a mutual friend to a family that is moving to Seattle.  They are considering a move to Vashon.  He asked me a general "thoughts on moving to Vashon..." question. Here's my answer...
"So should you live here or not? That I cannot say. Here's the advice I usually give people- Come and stay here for a week or two and then decide. Last year after my youngest daughter was born my Sister came and stayed with us- we were living in Seattle at the time- anyway we stayed on Vashon for 7 days. Sean commuted, and through that we decided we could do it- I also grew up in a small town and though I love Seattle I was overwhelmed with how to raise a child in a city. We were living in a great albeit rough neighborhood and I simply was overwhelmed by negotiating relationships between race, class, drug dealers, neighbors etc. It didn't feel good. That, and we were entering the land of preschools and schools and the chaos of that- and we wanted the simply life- we didn't want to buy into the BS that goes with that and the copious amounts of decisions that await us at every quite frankly we chose something simpler. Fewer schools, 1 option to get off the Island, 2 grocery stores, etc. We just chose the simple life.  At times the "waiting for the ferry life" or the "slightly more expensive groceries life" or the "people know your business life." but that is also "simple".
The commute?  I love it. It is hard in the winter- don't get me wrong. And, we live on the north end so once we get to the ferry we are pretty much home. Phew. But my partner and  I also commute together some days which I love. For me, the morning time is my prayer, reflection, quiet time. Being on the water every day is such a gift. I seriously love love love it. My 3 year old is a beach comber- hunting for sea anemones and starfish, the is into barnacles, and seaweed---she knows many different types. That is awesome. She is also a shy kid- an introvert like both of us- and we feel like her withdrawn nature is not as strong as it is in Seattle with all the people and buildings- on Vashon she knows where she is!
So those are my thoughts= all jumbled together. But here I what I offer- when you get here- if you don't land on Vashon we are ready to have you over! Please hop the ferry we would love to welcome you, talk about the Island.  .  .

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