Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vashon's Thrift store: Granny's Attic

The Vashon thriftstore, aka Granny's, is open three days a week.  It's a charitable organization so all the profit they make goes to various (I think now) non-profits on the Island.  Cool deal!  We have, at all times, a box of stuff to go to Granny's that is slowly filling. When it gets full I drop it off (drop off is 7 days a week).

I bought all of Miriam's birthday presents there.
We bought an adorable dollhouse there and then remodeled it.
We have purchased dishes, some jewelry etc.
The great thing about Granny's is that almost everything there is super super cheap.

Today I went there to drop stuff off and it was right after 10, when it opens, and it was crazy. People were parked way back in overflow parking, the line was super long, and frankly it was a mad house.  It wasn't unfriendly but it was nuts.

On one hand I sort of get the frantic-ness of Granny's. Stuff is cheap, there aren't more of whatever you are getting, some things area  real "steal." On the other hand it feels to me like a cycle, sure I'll buy this now but eventually it'll make it's way back to here.

I think the best way to shop this place is to go in with a general "idea" of what you want.  Things like, "kids toys for the airplane, or  if you have a specific like a new coffee table that's great but not "urgent"

Anyway, here are some photos of a couple of things we've gotten at Granny's.

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