Thursday, October 3, 2013


It's chilly today.  We turned on our furnace on Monday after a chilly night and today a chimney sweep came and cleaned out the chimney (it was in the inspection report that we should get it done before we light it) so we are ready to have some cozy fires.    We have also really been enjoying our chimnea (outdoor fireplace kinda thing).   When we lived in Seattle we didn't have a fireplace, but something about the dampness here in the PNW makes a hot dry fire such a cozy luxury.  In my winters in Massachusetts I wanted a fireplace but here I feel like it is a different sort of need. Especially since the dampness is from September until June.

So anyway, we love our wood-stove and are excited to start using it.  And, even though I don't love the look of a woodstove as much as a fireplace I really like heating our home and getting a fire in one shot.

Last year we used the Vashon listserve (vashon all- yahoo group) to find someone to sell us cordwood. I am sure we will have to buy another cord of wood, but we also have friends who offered us a bunch of seasoned (not in the rain for over 1 year) wood from their place as they have only gas fireplaces.  Needless to say we are kind of excited about that (very cheap) prospect.

What about you? Do you love a woodstove? Fireplace? or Gas fireplace?
Or wait...where do you get your Island cord wood?

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  1. I love fires... fireplaces, campfires... we have a gas fireplace. Works for us.