Thursday, June 25, 2015

Heights Water

Vashon's water supply is divided into districts.  There is water district 19, Westside water, dockton water, Heights water to name a few.  Anyway, yesterday there was apparently there was a water main break in the Heights Water line.

For more information look here.
Apparently they are hoping to get it fixed today (June  25, 2015).

A neighbor mention it to our childcare provider that we were on a boil order. We had a little trickle for awhile but alas for over 24 hours now we have not had water.  This sucks.  I have children.  Dirty children and children who take bottles, and who poop their pants need baths or at least wet washclothes.  Mamas who get spit up on and who are cleaning up children's messes need to be able to wash their hands.

I am also somewhat concerned that if there was a boil order in place for the water that was part of our trickle...that they didn't do a better job communicating that? I mean, was my infant exposed to e-coli??

Either way no on is sick. So I don't need to escalate things but for the first 20 hours it was an inconvenience.
For the last 4 it has been a pain in the A$$.

I hope it gets fixed soon.
For more information look here.

Oh, and of course I realize that water access is a serious issue in many parts of the world and that this is a tiny experience of what many experience regularly in terms of scarcity of water...yes yes. #firstworldproblems

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