Monday, June 15, 2015

M/V Sally Fox- Vashon Water Taxi

So we have a new Water Taxi (as of April 2015).

The M/V Sally Fox is a lovely vessel.
In the past the 5:30 has often been full during midweek rides.  Thus, being turned away after the last minute and having to wait an hour for another boat.  However, with the larger capacity (over 200!) of The Sally Fox  no one will beturned away from a full boat.  Ridership is up (so maybe over time we will fill it??) and I get why.
No more super stinky bathrooms.
No more damp (and moldy?) carpeting.
No more anxious fear that you aren't going to get on.
No more leaving work a bit early to make sure you get in the front of the line...

Thanks King County Tax Payers.
I really appreciate your support!

Want to know more:

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