Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Alternative" Vashon.

Is there an "alternative" Vashon?

In many parts of this country "alternative" would mean things like: creative, free thinking, pot smoking, off the grid, farming, alternative, organic, granola, homeopathic loving.... but on Vashon these are just par for the course.  In fact, sometimes I am irritated by the competativeness on Vashon that people are "more alternative" than others.

So maybe on Vashon being "alternative" is more like being Republican, or pro life, or in the grid, following rules, working in the capitalist economy...  I wouldn't say these adjectives describe me per say, but there are times when I am in a circle of people and I am not wearing enough linen, I am too fat, I would prefer coffee over kumbucha and that makes me an outsider.

What do you think Islanders? Are you alternative enough for this place?

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