Friday, October 30, 2015

Spiders and Fog- Autumn

Before I lived on Vashon I had never lived in the rural Pacific Northwest (USA).  And I lived in Seattle for 4 years before moving here.

There is nothing like the Autumn Spiders and the Autumn fog that make things spooky (or mystical?) here on Vashon.  Spiders were never an issue in Seattle.  We vacuum our house about twice a week (though you wouldn't know if you hadn't been here inbetween vacuums) but still the spiders hang out in the corners, on the air vents, behind doors.  I have killed many a spider that is hanging out on the wall.

The fog starts many mornings and can sometimes linger for a whole day.  A foggy day walk through the woods and I see many webs with droplets of water connecting the two.

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