Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vashon Island Facebook Groups

I like and use social media a fair amount.  I used it in work, private, and in other spaces.  There are, of course, many Vashon related facebook groups.  There are groups for birders, gardeners, farmers, historians, community members, parents, power outages . . .

Seriously there are a lot of Vashon related facebook groups.

My very straightforward advice.  If you aren't spending too much time on the Island then don't spent too much time trolling the facebook arguments, disussions, groups and various posts.

Some of these groups foster more debate than others. Some of them shut down debate faster than others, sometimes things run wild.  In my Vashon social media impression Vashonites are very whiny.  That cannot possibly be true. But it sure seems true!

I guess it is no surprise but when I look through facebook discussions it makes me feel like an outsider, or sometimes it makes me feel unknown or misunderstood.  For me, and maybe for you, it is important that my social media that is unrelated to my personal relationship and more related to my geographic

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