Sunday, October 21, 2012

Grease- by Drama Dock

For a play that seemed to be put on almost exclusively by kids under 18 it was awesome!

Today, my three year old and I went and saw the musical Grease at Vashon High School.  It was such fun! She loved the dancing and the music. I really enjoyed seeing the Island kids acting and creating.  It made me dream for my girls. Not that they will necessarily do drama but the auditorium was full of other teenagers supporting one another.  Very cool!

They did a great job! We had plenty of fun!
Oh, and the snacks at intermission were by donation only.

I confess though this was my first experience of not loving all of it.  Some people were pretty hostile at intermission. I was trying to negotiate helping Junia make a donation for her snacks. She had brought some of her own money and I wanted her to donate it before she grabbed a cookie. She was totally fine with it- but the woman behind her wanted her beverage NOW!  C'mon people, I have a three year old with me, and you are at a freakin' musical.

So be it.

Nonetheless, it was great fun!

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