Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Vashon---Seattle Commute- It's normal

One of the wonderful things about Vashon is how everyone makes it work.

Kids on the water taxi, having Island cars and city cars, working for lower wages on Island, working from home some part of the week...

How people live on the Island and still manage to pay their bills is one of the things we Islanders talk about. One of our neighbors works in Everett and drives up and back 5 days a week. It must take him about 2 hours.

And, because we islanders talk about how we all make it work, we have this way of normalizing it for one another.  At work (in Seattle) my colleagues seem dumbfounded by my commute. How I (and my partner) make it work with kids, childcare, water taxi, buses, ferry rides, working nights sometimes baffles them.  But to Islanders it is all on the spectrum of normal.  And, that is pretty cool.

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