Thursday, October 18, 2012


The Puget Sound beaches are mostly rocky and driftwood covered.  Perhaps a failure of my midwestern imagination, it took me awhile to learn to love them.  After all, when we think beach don't we mostly think sunny sandy and warm?  But having lived in the PNW for awhile and now on Vashon I am starting to feel connected the the driftwood, the rocks moving up and down with each wave, even the way that people's gatherings around a warm beach fire leave a footprint.  I wonder what ways I am being molded and shaped, hoping that I becoming softer and smoother as I age.  

Just FYI this is my Vashon Island blog we just moved here and I'm starting to take note of things that I find unusual, love and want to point out...

My other daily life blog is called Did I.  Please take a look!

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