Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Transfer Station

Every other week (or so) we take our recycling to the transfer station.  (Our landlord said she was going to get us recycling bins but that never happened.)

It seems like everytime I drive there I turn down the wrong road and it ends up taking me longer than I think it will.  Of course on Vashon I don't mind it so much. It's not like I'm stuck in traffic.

I know it's odd to say that I like the transfer station but I have more than just one reason.  So here is a silly list of things I like about the transfer station.

  •  there is something so refreshing about filling the back of the car up with trash and then getting rid of it
  •  there are ALWAYS people there doing exactly the same thing
  • Why there is such good art on walls is beyond me but, I like it.
  • I scored a 1/2 dozen perfectly good wide mouth canning jars from the glass bin last time
  • I like seeing what is in the pit of recyclables -once I saw a rowboat, another time a rubber ball, seriously some quirky stuff
  • I am usually doing it on a day off and with my partner or my kids so it has a sort of cozy day off feel (wierd I know!)

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