Friday, May 10, 2013

Where do you keep your ferry schedules?

Seating on the Klahowya 
We've got them in our purses.
Dangling from car visors.
Hanging out in glove compartments.

They are stuck to our fridge with magnets.
Lounging around the doorways of local businesses.
Folded and unfolded in the spare change basket.

All of us Washintonians who commute and travel by Washington State Ferries are bound by our Ferry Schedules.

We start to memorize departure times only for them to shift by 10 minutes with the season change.
We know what time we want our guests flights to land at SeaTac so we will have enough time to pick them up and still make the ferry home before midnight...

The funny thing is that Sean and I used to have the most tense mornings. We almost always got in the car and were frustrated or fiesty with one another.  "You are the reason we are running late!" we each though to ourselves.

But now that we cannot be late, not even by a minute we don't fight over departing.  The boats, and having someone else decide when we leave have relieved us of the need to blame each other.   That's one I didn't see coming!

Oh...looking for a copy of the ferry schedules. There ya go.

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