Thursday, August 8, 2013

Creative Preschool Vashon

The preschool gathering for the Strawberry Festival Parade!
When we moved here we had to give up a co-op preschool that we had committed to in Seattle. We weren't in love with it but it was the ONLY thing we could afford.

Then when we came Vashon and googled the preschools on  the Island we were shocked at how much cheaper they were! It was thrilling!  So we called one. It was full. Then I called another, they had space. Yipee!

 I went and looked at it. It looked great.  I seriously was NOT being picky, it was August 30 after all.  Anyway, by chance or providence or luck we have scored a great place for Junia- and in the future Miriam!

The teachers, environment, playground, parent dynamic and even this history have made this a great place for us.  Tucked in the the basement of the Presbyterian Church in Vashon town it looks like a place where children play.  The playground is great and even though the kids worked all spring digging a hole NEXT too the sandbox instead of in the sandbox nobody minded!  I dropped Junia off one morning and "Dona Nobis Pacem" was playing.  I thought, "wow, I want to stay."

At the end of the day though what is so great is that my little shy introvert LOVES her school. She still takes awhile to warm up and she still gets nervous when I leave but her teachers know her! They don't force her, or push her they just let the person that she is be exactly the person who she is! That is not just cool but it is beautiful to see my child in a place where she can be exactly who she is and people get her!

So that's it.
I seriously love Creative Preschool. Or as Islanders call it: Creative.
(drop the preschool)

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