Tuesday, August 6, 2013

So we bought a house on Vashon.

So we bought a house on this lovely plot of earth.  Yup, we own a piece of Vashon Island.  Or at least the deed is in our names...lets be honest though...the bank owns it. But enough with that.  We move in a couple of days and we are learning a couple of the perks of some of this Island.

1. The John L. Scott moving van.  Our realtor was a John L. Scott realtor (and she was great for us!) and courtesy of buying through them we get a moving van- for free. That is some serious benefits don't you think!? I actually think several realtors on the Island do that.

2. Vashon-All listerve through Yahoo groups. This is where we are hiring a couple of strong people who need money to move our furniture.  Now I can't really say if it is good or bad because it hasn't happened yet- but this listerve is a lifeline on this beloved little Island.

3. Boxes. I have been keeping an eye out for boxes on recycling weeks. And since we have lots of books (like 3 or 4 bookshelves full), we need good boxes.  The Palouse Winery on Vashon has awesome awesome boxes. I figure- if it held 12 bottles of wine it can hold more Theological Treatises (the topic of too many of our books) than not!

4. I don't know if there are other perks so buying on Vashon, except that it is cheaper than Seattle (but more expensive than Kitsap.  But seriously. We own a piece of an Island. That is weird.

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  1. Wow... I envy you! Vashon Island seems like a really interesting and unique place to live. I hope you'll keep posting about life on the island. Maybe I'll get to live there one day too!