Friday, August 2, 2013

Vashon Country Club- Swimming lessons!

Our almost 4 year old just finished a 2 week session of swimming lessons at the country club.  For $80 it was well worth the money.  Our little water bug is  FINALLY learning to swim.

Here's what I really like about the swimming lessons at the country club:  

  • They have wide, long stairs for kids to stand on during lessons.  They aren't literally in over their heads.Thus, when the teaches is with another kid they can practice "swimming" on the steps.
  • The classes are small! -Two kids!
  • The teacher we have had is really good!
  • The water is warm.  I think my kid is warmer in the pool than out of it. When summers are as cool and unpredictable as Vashon summers then having a heated pool is nice for the kiddos!
  • I have been able to get in with our 1 year old during the lessons. We have just been hanging out on the top step but it has been easier to entertain her during the lessons than I feared.

Here's what I don't like:
  • We signed up for a time between 9-11am. We found out what particular time we would have lessons at the DAY BEFORE.  That sucks. 
  • There is this one family on Vashon that was see on the water taxi and have a kid a similar age as ours. Several times we have tried to start a conversation. They will not look at us, acknowledge us or anything. I don't know what is going on, but one of the people in this family has been in the lesson before us.  It's just weird now!
But anyway, we like it so much we signed up for another session. She is learning so much! Having a lot of fun! Its seems like a great way to get her swimming safely!

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